Welcome to CAEST.NET

Thank you for visiting the CAEST.NET web site. This web site was over a year in its development, design, creation and implementation. It is established as an ongoing extension of the TECH-10001 class offered at Kent State University. While this site currently has projects for only the three most commonly used applications; Microsoft’s Word, Excel & PowerPoint, it will eventually contain projects for many more computer applications as well as a variety of trivia quizzes which will cover the topics and expansions of those topics, learned in the TECH-10001 class:

Building PC
DVDs & CDs
Gantt Charts
Mice and Keyboards
Internet File Sharing
Digital Cameras
Jump (Flash) Drives
Network Devices
Evolution of Audio files
Glass Cockpit
Television Technology
Network Cables
Satellite Radio
Audio Hardware
Data Storage
Mac Personal Computers
Mac O/S
Linux O/S
Notebook PCs
LED Light Bulbs
The “Cloud”
Security Systems
Satellite Telephones
Video Simulation
Video Editing
How to give a Presentation
Voice Recognition
Graphics Cards
Graphics Design
Cell Phone Technology
Tablets (e.g. IPad)
Video Camera (Camcorder)
Printers - Laser, Inkjet, 3D, Dot Matrix, Thermal
Definition and Evolution of Robots
PDA/Pocket PC (Not Cell phone type)
Viruses - Worms - Trojan Horses
Alternative Energy Vehicles
Flight Data and Cockpit Voice Records
Cable and Satellite Television (Digital & Analog)
Audio and Video Surveillance Devices
Home Automation Systems
Remote Control Tech (From home toys to Mars)
Printed Circuit Board Function

Having been given responsibility for the Info Tech (TECH-10001) class in 2005, my goal for this class has always been to give our students a basic but thorough as possible background in Computer Technology. I am constantly seeking simple and convenient ways to help students enhance their proficiency with computer applications. To this end I established this web site. As you explore and return to CAEST.NET, you will see that it will be constantly re-created and revised with more projects for more computer applications and trivia quizzes which I hope will be an enjoyable way to review knowledge of the history of computers/technology as well as how the various technologies function. I offer this web site to students, faculty or anyone who wishes to use its contents to refresh or improve their skills through the self- or instructor-assigned projects available here. As you use this web site, I encourage you to provide me with any and all comments and suggestions. I truly hope this helps all who use CAEST.NET.

There is a very old saying which I took to heart the day I started teaching at Kent State. It has proven quite true for me:

That if you become a teacher; By your pupils you will be taught.

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